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Thin Hair With Natural Texture and Shine: Thin hair is soft, delicate and often features natural shine thanks to oils from your scalp travelling down its fiber. As such, it requires more hydration and less product than other textures, although fine hair tends to get weighted down by styling products and can easily become frizzy.

Clay Pomade

Hair clays offer both matte finish and medium hold, making them an excellent solution for messy styles. Many varieties contain natural clays like kaolinite and bentonite to nourish the scalp while providing strong structures with matte effects for added softness and smoothness.

Easingr products give you the flexibility of styling and restyleing your hair throughout the day without it getting stiff or greasy, unlike hair gel which must be washed out with warm water.

Clay pomades can add texture and volume to both short and long locks alike, perfect for adding texture and volume without making your locks crunchy or dry. Plus, their non-aggressive nature means they help define curly locks without making them dry or crunchy! Hair clays also work wonders for those with sensitive scalps as they’re free from harsh chemicals – plus, their oil-absorbing capabilities mean your strands won’t look greasy over time!

Cream Pomade

Hair pomade is an indispensable men’s grooming product for textured hair. It provides medium hold with natural shine while simultaneously moisturizing and nourishing the scalp, thus helping prevent frizz, split ends and making your locks healthier overall.

An ideal pomade will include ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, murumuru butter and avocado butter, along with peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender oils to promote hair growth and increase volume. In addition, botanical ingredients like amla shikakai neem will nourish the scalp for healthy hair growth.

To use, scoop out a pea-sized amount for short hair (and slightly more for longer ones), rub between your palms to warm it up, apply to either dry or damp locks and style as desired. Restyle throughout the day using either combs or fingers if necessary and wash out easily with water; great for styles from classic pompadours to laid back flows!

Hair Putty

There is a range of hair styling products to choose from when it comes to styling your locks, depending on your personal style and hair type. Hair putty offers strong hold with its matte finish lasting all day – plus, it allows for reworked adjustments throughout the day!

Cream pomade is another alternative that will achieve similar effects, boasting a smoother consistency than clay and providing you with an elegant shine that lasts all day long. When choosing between different styles and products to find what fits best with you and your personality. Experimentation should always be encouraged until finding something you find satisfying!

Hair Paste

Hair paste is an extremely versatile styling product that offers mild firmness with a natural matte finish, ideal for creating messy quiffs, slick backs and other styles requiring greater flexibility than hard gel or glossy pomades.

High quality men’s hair paste differs from standard hair gel by being free from alcohol and harsh holding agents, and thus more gentle for your scalp and locks. Made with water-based components like beeswax and castor oil, its removal is simple for an easier finish with natural looking results.

Like hair clay, an effective men’s hair paste should be rubbed between your palms before applying it evenly to damp or dry hair for even coverage. As it cools down, the product thickens up and provides your locks with hold; but beware: too much product may lead to an unpleasant crunchy texture and leave an unpleasant crunchiness that doesn’t feel natural!


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