It’s better to burn out then fade away. – Neil Young


Obviously Neil Young did not understand how hot fading away can be, especially when it comes to hair styles for men. The Fade Hair Cut can be seen all around the world and on the heads of many a hot celebrity (Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake). Why? Because the fade hair cut adds a classy dimension to men’s hair styles, giving the head a multi-layered look. It also works on a wide range of men’s hair types.

So exactly what is a fade haircut?

Also known as the taper, a fade hair cut gives the appearance of hair becoming shorter as you get closer to the your neck. Visually, this gives the appearance of blended lengths. A beard can also get the “fade” look. 

How is the taper cut/fade cut done?

Most commonly, fade hair cuts are done with hair clippers, even at your local barbershop. Since you can dial in the length of the hair using different numbers on the clippers, you can expect exactly the look you want. (It’s a math formula, basically.)

What kind of man looks best with a fade cut?

A taper looks good on a variety of men: black, Latino, Asian and Caucasian, among others. Also most face sizes and types work well with a taper cut, including long, oval and round faces.

Why does this cut work so well on so many types and face sizes?

Because tapering is an element of a haircut and not the haircut itself. Tapering can be “added on” to a variety of existing hair cuts (like a slick back or quiff). It’s versatile and can accentuate easily and simply.

Are there different types of fade haircuts?

Yes, there are several types of fades, including burst fades, drop fades, flat top (box) fades and high top fades, among others. 

man with fade hair cut
Quif and Hard Part, Side Fade

Is a taper cut different than a fade cut?

You’ll hear both terms used interchangeably though some argue there is a difference: a fade cut “fades” into skin where taper cuts leave some hair in the shortest area, even if very short. Most barbers will understand either terms.

Is a high taper cut better than a low taper cut?

There isn’t a right or wrong fade cut per se (unless you go to the wrong stylist). With that said, a high fade cut provides a more “extreme” appearance (think lead singer in band) whereas a low fade cut is a more subdued (think office worker).

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