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While many men grow beards in hopes of looking macho, there are actually many different types of facial hair styles that men can grow in order to look good. Men are allowed to have a full beard, a Mohawk or a Shaved Fuzzy Goatee, if they so choose. It doesn’t matter what type of beard you choose, as long as it looks good, people will respect your choice to grow a beard.

Best Beard Styles For Men

While a beard is great for any man, some men take it to the next level and grow a Mohawk. Mohawks can really make a man look even more handsome than a regular full beard. Growing a Mohawk requires a lot of maintenance and takes quite a bit of practice. If you’re considering growing a Mohawk, make sure you consider the following before you begin.

When you shave your head, you will notice that your hair will always stay under control and won’t continue to thin out on its own. Mohawks require you to take the time to tie a slight knot at the base of your hair. This gives you a little extra length and will help to keep your hair from getting too thin. You also need to take care of your hair when you are not wearing it, which means taking a hot bath or shower with your hair tied back every morning.

Try to avoid shaving in the morning unless you have razor clippers in your hair. Be careful about using the same razor for the next day, because it will take a few passes to get all of the hairs that you need to keep. It can be very easy to get a bad shave when you’re using the same razor for multiple days. Using the same razor for multiple days can cause you to shave with a grainy or shaviness that results in an extremely unpleasant shave.

Another important consideration when choosing to grow a Mohawk is what kind of beard oils you are going to use. Some beard oils work better for specific beard styles than others. So it’s important to determine which oils will compliment your beard style before you buy them.

Shoulder Beards: This is the most popular beard style, especially when it comes to women. Men with this style often have a bit of a bowl cut, and the hairs are usually kept in the crease of the collar bone or just below the ear. This style requires a little bit more care than a standard full beard, as the hairs are sometimes prone to being loose. In addition, you will need to keep an eye on the position of your mustache while you are wearing this style. Shaving your face can cause your mustache to slip out of place and make the pattern look uneven.

Full Beards: This is a beard style that is very popular with men. This beard style is usually built around a full chin. There are some full beards that are more exposed than others. Some of the more popular full beards are those with visible sideburns. If you are planning on growing a full beard, make sure you check the weight limit for your chin and decide if this is an option for you.


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