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The first thing that you need to know about using a pomade for thick hair is that there are several. Some work better than others, but all of them do something to make your hair and skin look thicker.

Pomade For Thick Hair

The most popular type of pomade for thick hair is the chemical pomade. It works by chemically reacting with your scalp and your hair’s natural oils to make it thicker. Chemical pomade does not necessarily remove or darken your hair as much as other pomades do.

The next choice of pomade for thick hair is the natural product. This is different from the chemical pomade. These can be said to remove more of your hair’s natural oils than the chemical version can. This can make your hair appear thinner as it seems to wash away some of your hair’s natural oils.

There is also the spray pomade. It doesn’t work nearly as well at binding as a chemical pomade, but it does work to moisturize your hair and keep it looking healthier for longer periods of time. Spray pomade doesn’t have a high enough pomade concentration to make it effective at removing or darkening your hair, but it does make your hair appear thicker.

Some people use nothing at all for their hair and appear perfectly healthy. They leave their hair as is and let it grow naturally over time. Other people prefer a different option, which is to simply get a headband that has small beads of pomade on it.

Since your hair can be stretched, braided, straightened, curled, or even coloured all without damaging it at all, it is very tempting to just keep letting it grow. You don’t have to do this and choosing a pomade for thick hair is a good idea. You can leave your hair as is if you want, but you might notice it soon.

Just like your body, hair grows much slower than you might think. If you let it grow out for too long, you can begin to see some thinning at the top. You will eventually notice that your hair is becoming thinner.

Keeping your hair natural means that you can control it the best way possible and that you are guaranteed to always have healthier looking hair. Always start out slow when using a pomade for thick hair so that you don’t damage your hair in the process.


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