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Braids are a popular style for men looking to add texture and volume to their hair. When properly cared for, these styles can last for several months.

Braid hairstyles for men come in many varieties, but cornrows are the most popular. These tight braids that wrap close to the head have become an iconic part of black hair culture.

Box Braids

Box braids are a hairstyle that involves sectioning sections of your locks and braiding them into squares on top. Popular among men due to their ease of care requirements and versatility, box braids have become quite popular over time.

They come in an array of lengths and styles, making them suitable for any special occasion. Furthermore, maintaining them is simple; no special tools or products are needed.

Box braids are a popular style choice for men of all ages and ethnicities, offering an effortlessly stylish appearance. While box braids for men require minimal upkeep, there are some tips to help keep your locks looking fantastic.

Single Braids

Braids have always been a popular hairstyle for men, and are experiencing an upswing in contemporary culture. If you believe the Venus of Willendorf – a stone fertility goddess discovered in Austria in 1908 – braided hair has been around for some 30,000 years!

If you’re looking to style your hair in braids for a night on the town, single braids are an ideal choice. Not only will these keep your strands off your face but they also look stylish!

Guys with long hair often opt for these styles, as they can easily be styled into a bun or ponytail for an edgy, casual look. Plus, buns or ponytails provide protection from the elements when venturing outdoors in rain or sun.

Four Braids

Four braids are one of the hottest new trends for 2019. Not only that, but they offer an entertaining way to learn how to plait hair!

They come in various thicknesses, making it simple to find a style that works for you! Plus, they add color and depth to your outfit.

Before getting your box braids installed, be sure to find a stylist you trust and ask them to show you pictures of their work before they begin. Be sure to express your preferences regarding the direction of the braids as well as their edges.

It’s essential to take proper care of your hair while wearing box braids. If you tend to experience dry, itchy scalp, make sure the locks are moisturized regularly.

Top Braids

Braids are an effortless and stylish way to style hair. Plus, they require little upkeep – so you can keep them for extended periods before washing them.

Top braids are an attractive way to add visual interest and dimension to short hair without making it appear bulky or heavy. They’re ideal for men who want a sleek, sophisticated look without the weight of traditional braids.

This style combines double braids, short sides, and a small bun with blonde highlights for an edgy appearance. It’s ideal for anyone looking to make an impact with their appearance.

Easy Braids

Easy braids are a great choice for men who want an effortlessly stylish style with minimal upkeep. They look both casual and polished, and can be styled in various ways such as the top knot or man bun.

One of the simplest braids for men to master is the three-strand plait. Requiring only basic skills and aesthetic appeal, this style looks much more refined than your average two-strand plait.

Create this look by gathering hair behind your left ear and parting it into three equal sections with a parting comb. Braid each section tightly with an elastic. Starting at left to right, place the first strand over the next strand, then under the third. Continue this process until all your hair has been woven together.


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