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Bold colors and highlights command attention, creating an eye-catching presence in a room. Utilizing bold paint can instantly upgrade it but must be combined with neutral hues to prevent overwhelming the space.

Bold colors in hair require extra maintenance than other shades; working with a professional stylist is the best way to reach and keep the desired look.


Red is an eye-catching hue that stimulates both emotion and the brain, making it a go-to color choice for brands hoping to convey energy and excitement, with darker red hues such as burgundy and maroon conveying sophistication and elegance.

As with other vibrant hues, how people respond to red varies widely according to personal experience and cultural influences. Some may view its hue as playful or vibrant while others may perceive it as aggressive or domineering.

Are you ready for a bold change? Add fiery red highlights to your hair for an eye-catching transformation! Be sure to use color-safe products, and have regular touch ups done to avoid fading.


Highlights can be an ideal way to express your individual style, from soft natural-looking highlights to bolder looks. But for maximum effect it takes more than just box dyeing and proper technique – highlights require practiced precision for maximum effect!

Colors are created through three components: hue, saturation and brightness. Hue is the basic hue; saturation measures how intense or pure a hue is; while brightness refers to how light or dark its appearance is.

Subtle change? For clients seeking subtle yet attractive highlights, balayage highlights offer soft yet blended results that complement most skin tones. Conversely, clients looking for bolder changes might prefer chunky block coloring that adds distinct streaks of color.


Purple symbolizes luxury, wealth and power while being associated with spirituality and wisdom. As an engaging choice in fashion and interior design projects alike, purple can make an eye-catching statement on accent walls or be combined with complementary neutral colors such as soft yellow or emerald green to form vibrant yet sophisticated palettes.

Purple is the combination of red and blue vibrational energies, representing heaven’s authority over Earth according to Nina Ashby, psychic and author of Simply Color Therapy. Purple’s hue can convey either romance and femininity or spiritual insight and intuition depending on which shade one chooses.


Highlights can help give your hair more depth or add a splash of color, making them the ideal solution. Ideal for clients wanting something bold or for those unable to commit to an all-over change, highlights offer great versatility.

Bright shades of green complement all skin tones beautifully, pairing well with other vibrant hues as well. Light blue pairs perfectly with sage green hues while vibrant tangerine orange accents bring life and energy to shades like sea foam green or sage green.

Bold colors make an impactful visual statement in any room, yet used sparingly they can also feel visually soothing. Try incorporating some bold paint colors into smaller spaces like hallways or powder baths for maximum effect or add pops of color into your decor to experiment with this trend.


Yellow may not be as widely-appreciated as its more-famous counterparts red, blue and green; nevertheless, its vibrant hue still stands out and draws the eye. Yellow’s vibrant hue adds an eye-catching pop of colour that stands out against minimalist designs or creates an energetic aesthetic.

Yellow exudes brightness like no other hue can. Its hue stimulates creativity, optimism, and an eagerness to learn – yet can also cause anxiety and agitation; its difficulty of reading causes eyestrain and fatigue in readers.

Brittany Wright from Salonandboutique uses block coloring to add an unexpected pop of boldness to her clients’ hair, producing beautiful lived-in color that looks rich and vibrant. For an easier approach to bold hair color, got2b’s Color Pop Red Mask offers quick coloring time of five minutes that lasts up to six washes.


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