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Barbershops are men’s go-to for when it comes to maintaining our style. From shaping beards and trimming hair, these classic Montreal salons make looking cool easier than ever before.

Choose from a wide range of men’s grooming spots in town, from retro neighborhood shops to trendy designer spas. But for something classic and timeless, take a detour to one of these classic barbershops worth visiting.


Men’s haircuts and beard trims can make a big difference to their aesthetic. Whether you need to freshen up or get rid of some tough beard hair, Montreal boasts many fantastic barber shops that can assist.

Beardlington Barbershop in my vicinity offers traditional haircuts with an aristocratic atmosphere at an unbeatable price. Their goal is for you to have an enjoyable experience every time you visit.

This shop is owned by a team of young entrepreneurs with extensive experience as barbers. They are always on the lookout for men’s fashion trends and products that will meet their clients’ needs.

Beardlington, situated in Verdun’s heart, is a great option for those seeking quality and comfort at an affordable price. Additionally, they have a membership program offering 10% off all services and products.

Atelier d’Alfred is one of Montreal’s most distinctive barbershops. Their team of six stylish city cats offer great conversation, custom cuts and unique shaves with such quality that their loyal clients often refer them to others.

Cloakroom Barber

Barbershops in Montreal offer a range of services and the highest quality products to make sure you look your best. No matter what style you need, these establishments will take good care of all your grooming requirements.

Cloakroom Barber is one of the top destinations in downtown Montreal for those seeking an urban oasis. With a stylish hidden bar, tailored clothing store and barber shop that rivals any “cool private club,” this establishment provides razor-sharp precision while creating an unbeatable atmosphere.

This hidden bar has earned its reputation for offering uncompromising standards in cocktails. Let the bartender know your favorite flavors and they’ll craft a drink tailored just for you. Or, if you’re feeling daring, order their signature ice cube which is hand-carved to fit your preferences – an impressive feat of engineering that demonstrates the care and craftmanship put into every element here.

Maison Privee Vieux

Maison Privee Vieux, situated in Old Montreal, is owned and operated by young entrepreneurs with an innovative vision of what a barbershop should be. Combining culture, music and an undeniable passion for all things barbershop, this shop stands head and shoulders above its competition.

They offer exceptional haircuts, fades and designs to their customers. Additionally, they have a selection of products designed specifically with men in mind who care about their image.

This shop exudes a modern, professional atmosphere. They’re open Monday to Saturday, and you can book an appointment for any date of your preference.

At this shop, the barbers have years of experience to provide you with excellent hair cuts and beard grooming. They only use top-notch products for their clients and give discounts to students and kids.

La Chapelle Barbiers

La Chapelle is one of Montreal’s best kept secrets when it comes to beauty services. If you’re in search of a top-notch shave, cocktail and picture-worthy hair cut, La Chapelle can’t be beat. Situated at Rachel Street and Plateau in downtown Montreal, this award winning establishment is definitely worth visiting. The staff are friendly and the swag on offer rivals any local dive bar – plus there’s always a free brew on tap with every visit! As its name implies, don’t expect anything less! Additionally there’s an impressive menu featuring specialty cocktails at fractional prices compared with local dive bars!


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