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Eau De Toilette

Eau De Toilette is a lightly scented fragrance that can be used after bathing or shaving. It is traditionally made of alcohol and a variety of volatile oils, including those of orange leaf, tangerine, lemon, bergamot, neroli, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, thyme, rosemary, and petitgrain.

The Eau De Toilette fragrance is a light, fresh scent that lasts for about two to three hours. It is the perfect choice for summer or a hot day, but it is not the best scent to wear in colder weather.

Choosing a fragrance is one of the most personal decisions you will make, and there are many factors to consider. You may prefer the lightness of an eau de toilette, or you might be entranced by the rich notes in a parfum. But whatever type of fragrance you choose, remember that it should be something you love and feel comfortable wearing.

Shaving Foam

The Shaving Foam fragrance is a fresh, clean and classic scent for men. The top notes of Basil, Bitter Orange and Black Pepper are blended with the middle notes of Lavender, Rosemary and Geranium to form a distinctive, aromatic fragrance.

It is a refreshing, invigorating scent that relives moments of luxury as the cool, fresh foam is applied to the skin before shaving. The perfume is ideal for use in a wide range of candles and personal care products (following IFRA safety guidelines).

The most popular choice among men is shaving gel, which is a clear, liquid medium that has the convenience of a foam. But some men find that it can be difficult to see where the blade is going, and may prefer a more concentrated lather. Others will choose a traditional shave cream for its time-saving benefits and better quality ingredients. This will leave the skin feeling hydrated and protected while also preventing razor burn.

Shaving Cream

Using a sharp razor, a bowl of warm water and a rich, non-foaming shaving cream can help you achieve a smooth shave. But what exactly are these products and how do you know which one is right for you?

Traditionally, shaving soaps were a hard bar of soap or stick that was rubbed onto the face with a brush to produce a lather. But in 1919 Frank Shields invented Barbasol, the first shaving cream.

It was a revolutionary product that offered men an alternative to using a brush to work soap into lather. It made shave soap easier to use and it also helped men who had sensitive skin or allergies to traditional glycerin soaps.

Today, there are several types of shaving creams available, including aerosol shaving foam and shaving gel. Both products are formulated to soften the hair and provide lubrication for an effective shave. But different products work on different skin and stubble types, so you should be sure to find the right one for you.


Perfume fragrance, also known as cologne or aftershave, is a mixture of aromatic compounds used to produce a pleasant odour. These compounds are derived from natural ingredients or synthetic aromatic substances.

During the seventeenth century, perfumes enjoyed great success as a way to mask body odors. They also served as a means to increase the social status of the wearer.

In barbershop men, fragrances are used to evoke feelings of freshness, masculinity and upliftment after a shave or haircut. These colognes are often long-lasting and are ideal for all seasons.

The Black barbershop is a community resource where men can receive job leads, reconnect with family members and friends, purchase goods from itinerant vendors, discuss current events and politics, and get their hair cut [11]. Research has reported on health education/screening outreach and research at barbershops. This review synthesizes the peer-reviewed literature on these activities to identify lessons learned for future health programs involving barbers.


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