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Long associated with an aesthetic of “business in front, party in back”, the mullet has seen a stunning revival. Notable celebrities who sport this iconic men’s haircut include Paul Mescal and rugby players like Hector Bellerin.

Influencers and content creators have also embraced this iconic look, creating their own distinct interpretations of it. From being styled with pomade or wax to add volume, this versatile cut can set you apart from the competition.

Trending on the Red Carpet

While the mullet has long been seen as an expression of “regressive, hyper-masculine values,” its versatility makes it ideal for various purposes and aesthetics – many with mullets note its effect as both confidence booster and an expression of individuality.

The mullet has gained new fans thanks to influencers who use it as a way to stand out on social media and make an impression in fashion world. Athletes such as Hector Bellerin and Joe Marler as well as rugby player Paul Mescal have taken notice and started wearing one, too.

A classic mullet haircut consists of short top and side layers that merge into longer back locks, making a unique statement about who you are. Ideal for those with fine or straight strands, its length difference adds volume and texture while adding volume and body. Many choose to add highlights or streaks for additional character or flair.

Trending at Fashion Week

The mullet has gone from being an obscure military hairstyle to becoming an in-vogue fashion trend that’s being worn by some Hollywood heartthrobs like Thierry Henry, Hector Bellerin, and British rugby star Joe Marler. Perhaps its sudden popularity can be explained by how it suits musicians perfectly (consider David Bowie or Usher), as well as Hollywood actors looking for ways to immerse themselves into their roles.

At the Met Gala, Greta Lee, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Rita Ora all dazzled with their own distinctive takes on the cut – showing that there’s no need to be intimidated when it comes to rocking this trend. By using styling products, anyone can achieve a sleek and refined take on this style no matter whether your hair is short or long; thick and wavy hair works especially well as this style works effortlessly!

Trending on the Streets

Fading Mullets are increasingly fashionable for those not attending red carpet or fashion week events. Boasting shorter sides that seamlessly transition into longer back length, this hairstyle exudes rugged yet effortlessly cool style.

This trend has been propelled forward by young people eager to try the versatile cut. Influencers and social media personalities have included it into their signature looks, inspiring followers to embrace it themselves.

Musicians have also taken notice of the revival of the mullet, from genre-defining classic rockers to chart-topping modern pop stars donning it to express their distinct personas and creative identities. Actors, such as the Von Erichs of wrestling fame, wear this hairstyle proudly as it represents their powerful gender-norm defying characters.

If you’re ready to try a mullet for yourself, bringing reference photos will allow your stylist to better understand your vision and craft something tailored to suit you perfectly.

Trending at the Met Gala

Long a fixture among glam rockers and country singers, the mullet has come back into fashion as a symbol of counterculture. This trend’s return coincides with an overall movement toward nostalgia within pop culture but also resonates with people looking for ways to break free from normative standards of beauty.

A mullet may be seen onscreen as a law-enforcement stereotype, but it can also serve as an expression of freedom and adventure. Wrestling legends Von Erich Brothers wear work-appropriate locks that convey ruggedness while the long strands worn by Ziggy Stardust persona of David Bowie give off similar vibes.

Thick and wavy hair provides the ideal foundation for a bold mullet, allowing layers to be added and subtracted without appearing overly full or bulky. A few strategically-placed highlights or lowlights and some light styling can bring out its full potential, like Sarah Jessica Parker did at last night’s Met Gala; or you can create more casual looks by adding a shorter length mullet with choppy bangs for everyday wear.


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