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A fade haircut is one of the most sought-after and fashionable styles for men. This style features long on top, tapering into short sides.

Fade haircuts come in various styles and heights, so it’s essential to consult your barber about which type would suit best your face shape and style.


A faded mens hair cut is a timeless and classic style that you can wear for any event. It’s ideal for guys who don’t want to go too daring or edgy, yet still want to appear sophisticated and stylish.

The hair gradually shortens at the back and sides of the head, while leaving longer length at the top. This gives off either a subtle or daring vibe depending on how you style it.

Tapers and fades provide a sleek foundation for other styles. Not only are they simple, but they add an air of sophistication that shows you’ve taken time to perfect your appearance.


Buzz, or word of mouth marketing, can be an effective marketing strategy. It not only helps boost a brand’s sales but also expands its market share.

Buzz cuts are a popular military-inspired haircut for men that requires little grooming time and is easy to style. Additionally, these versatile hairstyles can be worn in numerous ways.

When selecting a barber for a fade, make sure they are skilled in this classic cut. A professional should know how to blend different areas of your head and use clippers and scissor work for an expertly graduated appearance.

A fade is an effective way to create a more defined hairline and enhance your forehead’s aesthetic. It’s popular for both long and short men’s hairstyles.


Box fades are a timeless hair cut that’s making a comeback in modern times. This style is ideal for men who want to express their individuality while still maintaining an air of neatness.

This fade haircut features closely clipped sides and back that gradually taper down toward the forehead and ear line. It’s a popular choice for men with thick, curly hair, especially African-American men who tend to sport this style more prominently.

This fade is one of the simplest to master, though it takes some practice to perfect. You can finish this fade in a variety of ways – from sharp to laid-back.


A drop fade is a mens hair cut that emphasizes the back and sides, while keeping the top longer. This contrast creates an eye-catching aesthetic and can help control unruly locks.

This mens haircut is popular with all hair types, including thick, wavy and curly locks. Not only does the fade take some of the weight off your locks but it can also tame them without needing frequent styling.

For guys with bearded heads, the drop fade is an ideal style to achieve seamless transition between facial hair and head hair.


The Undercut is a timeless men’s hair cut that flatters many face shapes. It narrows the face and draws attention to your best facial features.

This style is often associated with a long slicked back top, but it can also be achieved in several other ways. Because there’s such an obvious distinction between the sides and top, you can pair your haircut with virtually any outfit or occasion for added versatility.

This haircut is ideal for texture and curling hair. You can also pair it with a hard part line etched into the scalp for an eye-catching style that’s sure to draw attention from all sides.


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