Finding the best beard styles for men is a little more difficult than it is for women. Men don’t usually sport beards, and that is probably why they are not as well known as women.

If you are going to wear one, it should be a “man” style. That means it should not just cover your face but it should also hang down and flow from your jaw and neck. The reason it should fall over your chin is that you will be comfortable putting your beard on. You don’t want it coming up as you speak.

Also if you have a mustache and you do not like to shave, you should consider growing it out long so that you can have a full facial and not just stubble. Beard lovers tend to get Beard Pro style beards. That means that they have a hair guard between their fingers and toes.

There are plenty of other styles that are available, for example the Comb Over is just beard styles that make your beard looks like it is combed over. It looks awesome and is extremely comfortable.

Hairstyles for men are great lengths with many being trimmed close to the face. For example in the Zig Zag, the hair is cut in a square and the length can be down to the chin.

Some of the different types of hair colors are quite common. However, you must decide what color you are going to go with. If you do choose to go with a color, make sure that it fits well with your face.

Most importantly decide what style of beard you want and then go from there. This way you are not stuck with the second best, but the best beard style for you.


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